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Thinking of Selling Your Home? 5 Affordable Ways To Get Your Home Ready

Thinking of Selling Your Home? 5 Affordable Ways To Get Your Home Ready.

You have noticed that your neighbors homes was listed and sold in 1 day and it is the same model as yours. Maybe thoughts of moving or selling your home have come up lately, and now maybe the time to do so.

Assuming your neighbors house was in good condition and sold in 1 day, the chances of you having the same results might be highly likely as well.  If one buyer was lucky enough the buy the home, there might be a good chance that others lost out and are waiting for the next great home just like it to hit the market!

Well time is of the essence and there are 5 things you can do in a short period of time to get your home ready to be marketed by a professional Realtor.

  1. Paint – Easy to do yourself and in most cases affordable to buy.  A new fresh coat of paint on the walls, doors, and trim will freshen up the look of your home.  In many cases trends have changed since the last time you painted your home, so this may be a great time to update the color palette of your home to a more trendy or neutral tone that will be appealing to today’s home buyers.
  2.  Cleaning – This may be one of the most overlooked things sellers do!  You spend time in your home day in and day out, so you may be used to the way your home looks and even smells.  Remember buyers have never stepped a foot in your home, and they will only be there about 5-10 minutes.  You never have a second chance to make a first impression.  Suggested that you may want to have a friend come over and give you and “honest” opinion.  Possibly better to know now, than to have the perfect buyer pass up your home due to something you could have prevented. (Helpful Tip For Tiled Homes – What color is your grout suppose to be?  Look in light traffic area, like near or behind your refrigerator.  Much lighter than the rest?  Have your grout cleaned)
  3. De-clutter – Buyers need to be able to envision their things in the home, not yours.  It might be time to have a yard sale, use Craigslist or Offerup , or give things to your favorite charity.  Don’t want to part ways with anything? Consider renting an affordable store unit for 3-90 days while your home is on the market.  You may even be lucky enough to live in an area with a lot of model homes for sale.  Take trip and see what do to model their homes.  Try doing some of the same in your home.  Starting the packing process now, may also lighten up your schedule when it actually comes time to move.
  4. Carpet (New or Cleaning) – Lets face it, carpet has a shelf life and if you think your carpet is horrible, chances are buyers will feel the same.  Now you don’t always have to replace the carpeting. Cleaning may be a very good option.  When looking for a quality carpet cleaning company, DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!! We have seen too many times, sellers using that company that advertises on your local street corner with yellow signs “$25 per room” or “5 Rooms for $150”.. BEWARE!!!  This should be an area where you may want to pay a little more to have a true reputable professional do the job for you.   Is the carpet beyond cleaning, torn, faded, ect?  Quality affordable carpet is available and could be worth every penny for you to replace.  This might be a good thing for you to ask friends, co workers, and family members, find out who they may have used and have had a good experience with.
  5. Landscaping – Hopefully you have heard of the term “Curb Appeal”. Buyer drives up to your home only to find dead grass, over grown bushes, and weeds….. If it doesn’t look good out here, what is the inside going to look like.  First impressions count and this could be the most affordable way to entice buyers senses before they even enter your home.  Water the grass (or put down seed if necessary), plant some colorful flowers, rid the yard of weeds (and keep them gone), sell the 1982 Ford Pinto you have been meaning to fix up (it is sitting in your yard).  You will be surprised what a few hours and a minimal amount of money will do.

If you would like further help or suggestions regarding selling your home, please contact us today.  480-498-3334 or  Selling your home can be easy and fun, and we are here to help you.

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