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  • Phoenix Real Estate Market Soars in 2023: A Resilient Rise and Impressive Growth

Phoenix Real Estate Market Soars in 2023: A Resilient Rise and Impressive Growth

In recent months, the real estate market has defied skeptics and demonstrated remarkable resilience. Despite initial concerns and predictions of a potential housing market crash, the data tells a different story. From the low point in mid-January, where prices stood at $264 per square foot, the market has experienced a significant upswing. As of June 12, average sales prices have soared to almost $287 per square foot, reflecting a remarkable 9% increase in just five months. Such growth equates to an impressive annual appreciation rate of over 20%. This remarkable turnaround has surprised many, including the Federal Reserve, buyers, and the doom-mongers who anticipated a “great housing market crash of 2023”. However, those who closely monitor the Cromford® Market Index (CMI) were not caught off guard by this development.

Understanding the Cromford® Market Index:

The Cromford® Market Index (CMI) serves as a reliable indicator of real estate market trends, offering valuable insights to informed investors and industry professionals. This index tracks various factors, including pricing fluctuations, supply and demand dynamics, and buyer sentiment. By analyzing these key elements, the CMI provides early signals and predictive measures, helping market participants stay ahead of the curve. In January, the CMI exhibited strong positive signals, hinting at an imminent market recovery. This foresight proved crucial, as subsequent months witnessed a remarkable upturn in sales prices.

Unveiling the Market’s Growth and Strength:

The steady climb in average sales prices since mid-January reflects the market’s robust growth and resilience. While the naysayers may have expected a downturn, the real estate sector has defied their predictions. With a 9% increase in just five months, homeowners and investors can celebrate the sustained appreciation of their properties. This surge has not only restored confidence in the market but also dispelled fears of an impending crash.

Implications for Buyers and Sellers:

For buyers, the upward trajectory of sales prices may present challenges in terms of affordability. However, it also underscores the value of investing in real estate, as properties continue to appreciate at a rapid pace. Purchasing now may yield substantial returns in the future. Sellers, on the other hand, can leverage the market’s strength to secure favorable offers and capitalize on the heightened demand.

The Federal Reserve’s Perspective:

While the market’s resurgence may disappoint the Federal Reserve, it serves as a testament to the resilience of the housing sector. The Fed may have hoped for a more modest recovery to maintain stability in the overall economy. Nevertheless, the market’s vitality indicates a strong foundation and encourages economic growth.


In conclusion, the real estate market’s exceptional performance in 2023 has defied expectations and proven the naysayers wrong. The substantial increase in average sales prices, the equivalent of over 20% annual appreciation, showcases the market’s strength and resilience. The Cromford® Market Index’s early positive signals in January offered valuable insights to those who closely monitor market trends. As we move forward, buyers and sellers can seize the opportunities presented by this thriving market. While it may have disappointed the Federal Reserve’s expectations, the real estate sector’s robustness is a testament to its enduring nature. The rise and resilience of the market in 2023 serve as a reminder that, even in uncertain times, the real estate sector can continue to flourish.

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